06 March

The Secret Life of Heroes

‘The Secret Life of Heroes’ by Grégoire “Léon” Guillemin opens on March 6th

What do heroes do when they stop being heroes? Grégoire “Léon” Guillemin asked himself what those half gods amongst men can do at night, when they come back home after a hard day’s work saving the world. Behind those masks and those suits are hiding real men and real women, with all their human attributes… And weaknesses. They are human after all!

The show, first shown in Paris last year, will be the first time the exhibition has been shown in the UK and includes a number of new exclusive designs. Gregoire’s designs were first seen at Twenty Twenty Two in ‘The Print Shop’ exhibition last year and were the most popular prints in the show and sold out within days.

The exhibition opens on the 6th March and runs until 22nd March. Open from 4pm Tuesday – Saturday

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