15 May

Stan Platford ‘Early Spring’ Exhibition

Stan Platford is a first year student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Photography. In the last year he has become incredibly interested in exploring different places via street photography. This is his first solo exhibition.

The often snapshot nature of street photography can give an incredibly honest view of a place and it’s people.

This is a collection of work that mostly focuses on the idea of capturing everyday scenes and landscapes via documentary street photography. The images try and give a sense what it is like to live and a be part of particular places, however instead of focusing on the major ‘city sites’ and ‘attractions’ they instead pay attention the everyday scenes of parks, beaches, streets and suburban areas.

Although these scenes are not traditionally used to advertise and promote a city, I feel they give a much more honest feeling of what it is like to be apart of a particular town or city, in this case Manchester and Blackpool.

For this particular set of images I have used 35mm film and not digital mediums as to stay in tradition of many of the great street photographers of the 1950′s and 1960′s.

The exhibition opens on the 15th May and runs until 14th June. It is located in the Ping Pong room at Twenty Twenty Two.

The opening night is sponsored by Johnnie Walker


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