28 June

Paradox Exhibition

An exhibition displaying an eclectic assembly of up and coming northern photographers.

With work ranging from detailed architecture images of Manchester, to elegant portraits that are influenced by the 1950s. The viewer will experience a sensory overload.

An un-missable 9 day event at 2022NQ. It is a passion shared by a group of photographers with individual outlooks on the world around us.

Within this exhibition a selection of the work will allow the viewer to have a personal insight to a unique documentary piece of work on a busy northern family.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch

This group of graduating students from the BA(Hons) Photography course at Staffordshire University will hopefully reflect upon their educational experience of the last three years. The experience will remain and might be expected to influence many of their future decisions. Should their own children or other people’s children have the opportunity for such education? Debates regarding the nature of education are politically once again, centre stage. Are there the jobs for graduates? Perhaps we need more apprenticeships? In terms of higher education of course the question of who pays and how, is still highly contestable. The arguments though are far from narrow and current fractious quarrels about state or privately funded provision and employment. Intellectually the value of education and it’s purpose are much bigger questions and remain constant. We continue to take the view that whilst the subject being studied is obviously of primary importance to the student, the context in which that study takes place is key to it’s value. The American philosopher John Dewey’s view that, “Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living”, is our context.  No taught subject is independent from an individual’s personal life, it becomes part of a constantly developing recognition of self and one’s place in our world. These students can appreciate a rich and diverse history and the compelling rhetoric of the photographic image, and have also learnt that visual communication depends upon knowing the limits of what photography can and cannot do. We hope that their experience on our course has been worthwhile and that education remains about ‘living’.

David Noble / Award Leader BA(Hons) Photography, Staffordshire University

This exhibition is in the event space. Preview 28th June from 6pm. Further viewings Sat 29th June and Tues 2nd July – Sat 6th July


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