31 October

Certificate X presents night of the bloody tapes halloween special

This year’s annual Certificate X Halloween event is a gore-filled, blood-soaked ‘Video Nasty’ special intended to ‘deprave and corrupt’!

Spend Halloween indulging in an unrelenting program of horror, gore, zombies, cannibalism, and slashers including the mother of all ‘banned’ films and ‘the ultimate in grueling terror’ THE EVIL DEAD (1981).

Certificate X will be screening the one-and-only cabin-in-the-woods horror classic. The splatter-filled, roller-coaster of blood, violence, demonic possession, limb amputation and ankle-stabbing! Arguably, the most infamous title on the ‘nasties’ list, THE EVIL DEAD remains the standard by which all subsequent horrors would be judged and remains essential Halloween viewing.

Plus! NIGHTMARE MAKER (1982), one of the most underrated, and seldom seen, sick’n'twisted psycho-slashers of the era featuring a bat-shit-crazy Susan Tyrrell who raises her nephew as her ‘surrogate husband’ and plans to keep him with her… forever! No matter what it takes! Twisted! Violent! Unforgettable! One of the few films on the ‘nasty’ list still awaiting release.

Plus! As our surprise film we will be screening a rare ‘director’s cut’ of a ‘nasty’ favorite which (to our knowledge) has yet to be screened in the UK !

As always there’s goodie-bags and free candy for all pre-paid ticket holders plus clips from, and trailers for, various horror, cannibal, zombie and gore themed ‘nasties’ throughout the night.

Films, horror, gore, surprise, treats, licensed bar and one unforgettable program in Manchester City center for only a fiver (more on the door) on our favorite night of the year.

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Dave Sedgwick

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